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Explore the ancient wisdom of yoga and qi gong. Experience meditation, breath techniques and flowing movements to release tension, cultivate more energy and come back into balance to navigate life’s challenges with ease.
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find your path to a joyful and resilient life

Mind and Body by Hilary

Re-energize and Come into Your Own Balance

Integrate the body-mind and spirit. Explore and tap into tools and techniques to create health, vitality, calm and quiet amidst a busy life.

Pause, Breathe, Stretch and Move to create a union of healthy body, peaceful mind and happy heart. Learn basic breathing techniques to create vitality and energy in the body calm the mind and create mental clarity and focus. Flow with simple stretches, moves and postures to release tension, aches and pains and increase flexibility and fluidity in the joints and spine. Explore mediation tools and techniques to release stress, to practice mindfulness and find the peace from within. Create Daily Practices for improved health. These techniques can be performed on or off the mat, at home, in the office, standing or sitting in a chair. Movements can be modified to accommodate all ages, body types and experience levels.